I’ve recently been debating what to do with this website.

Previously it was the platform for a magazine on photography. Preoblem was I couldn’t make it pay. At one stage I had over 40,000 subsribers, but as soon as I made them pay a nominal amount they all but disapeared. 

At the same time advertising dried up, no-one was buying the point and shoot camera anymore. They were the bread and butter of camera companies, and phone cameras became acceptable for family snaps.

Since then the web host in Canada became untenable, not only for their dirty tricks, but the exchange rate. I set-up this site to prevent anyone ‘stealing’ the domain name.

However, since giving up on the magazine, it took a lot of my time and money I could nolonger afford, I have done a Master of Design at Swinburne University in Melbourne.

Life after Swinburne

Having studied for two years full time, a first since leaving photography college almost 40 years ago – my undergraduate and my first masters were studied part-time over many years, I started a new company in January with a fellow student.

Stella still has a couple of units to finish, but Triyo, as we are called already has a couple of clients, even if they are not paying us. 

So with things off and running I have a little bit of time to work on this site.

A focus on design

Instead of focusing on photography as before, or on my portfolio with andrewrenaut.com, or on compilation records majesticcompilations.com, for this site I’ll concentrate on the design we do as a company, design in Melbourne (and on trips I do), and photography.

But first I finish building this site…