Sony - 5f-94l

This radio is unusual for Australia being a European only set. 1966-1970.

This Sony was picked up for $5 quite a number of years ago from a garage sale. While it sort of worked it had a lot of problems.
After a recap, I discovered that a few resistors were also out of tollerance. Whilst it then worked correctly, the power button needed to be held half way. I put the radio in a box and left it for a decade or so. Lock-down in 2020 saw it retrived, but I still couldn’t work out the problem. A friend who also works on a lot of electronics had a long look at it and was also puzzled. It turned out to be a dead inductor across the power button. A long hunt through various Jaycar stores until I finally found the correct value and size at Altronics in Springvale.

This variation is the UK model that goes from 87 to 104 MC (MHz). There are variations that have the standard band 88-108 MHz. (Apparently the emergency sevices were alocated the upper end of the FM band from 100 Mhz, but this was pared back first to 104 MHz then 108 MHz over 40 years.

The radio now works correctly. However, it sounds far from good with very tinny sound from the oval speaker. It doesn’t sound much better with a proper external speaker.

Interestingly, there was an optional extention speaker of the same style. It contained a stereo decoder and amplifier.

5F-94L Front

The radio is a bit rough. It took a lot of time and head scratching to trace the fault in the power button, that turned out to be a tiny inductor.

5F-94L Top

The top of the radio with the missing ariel.

YouTube Still

This is a YouTube still frame showing the adapter.

Last updated 04 April 2021.