Sharp - CD550E

This unit dates from the early 2000s

This unit is for sale.

This a CD, Twin Cassette Recorder/Player, and an AM/FM/FM Stereo. I’m not sure of it’s cost when new, but they were reasonably popular before the Apple iPod came into being.

The unit is made in Malaysia, a place where this type of thing is still made. (I have a Yamaha bedside stereo from there also.) Yet the construction is fairly OK with metal grills on the removable speakers. Sound is what you would expect from an early digital amp and plastic speaker boxes.

The cassette mechanisms are in good order, as is the radio which is quite sensitive. However, as with most of the units of this vintage, the CD player only works intermitently, playing some CDs and not others, then not playing the the ones played before and playing the refused ones.

R357 Front with case

The unit with spakers attatched

R357 Front

Speakers detached for “greater stereo separation”. Ahem!

R357 Tuning band switch

The troublsome CD player.

R357 Volume tone

CD controls and the radio tuner. Why simply didn’t intergrate the two on this style of unit is a mistery only the marketing department can explain.

The back of the unit. (I have the battery cover.)

This unit is for sale at $150.

Last updated 18 April 2021.