Philips 3052

c. 1939?

Philips seems to have started production just before Australia entered the war in 1939. It is not clear when production stoped and production was made over to the war effort,s o very few were probably produced.

My example belongs to a friend of over 50 years mother who said a number of times it was a wedding present. She was married in Sydney in early 1940, and came to Melbourne around 1960. The radio sat on the kitchen table and was playing 3AW all the time. When the friends mother developed Alzheimer Disease it was put under the house. Unfortunately, the rodents got to it. It was rescued from the skip, and put in storage where a Teac 1000 fell on it damaging the cabinet and a number of valves.

I acquired it some 10 years ago, and attempted a fix to the cabinet with JB Weld. I must have been distracted at some stage and left it to harden. While the repair is OK the excess JB Weld is much harder than the Bakelite making sanding very tricky. New valves were also obtained.

It is probably not worth continuing with the cabinet, I’ll search for another.

Production resumed in early 1946, there were slight cosmetic differences, such as the knobs. Advertising proclaimed that the 3052 was back in civilian clothing!

The basic design contained until well into the 1950s, with various modifications to the front of the cabinets.

The radio at left is not orginal, but a badly restored example. The cloth and half the knobs are not ariganal.

Last updated: 10 June 2021