Philips 148C

c. 1953

The Philips 148C was one of quite a number of variations of this design that Philips manufactured. The radios were available as battery sets or a/c d/c models, Mullard, Fleetwood or Philips branding, and a couple of variations to the aluminium back and front panels.
It is likely that Philips licenced the design from RCA in America. The RCA version was released in 1946, some years prior to Australia. In 1948 Philips introduced the 111, that was almost identical to the RCA. Although the RCA had a polished speaker cover, the Philips version had a single piece front aluminium pressing. Philips modified the cabinet design over their years of production, making the speaker grill twice as wide in 1952.

The colour of the dial changed over the years as well. Probably to differentiate the model years than anything else.

The sets are turned on via a switch on the sliding panel that covers the dial. Station selection and volume are controlled via knobs either side of the dial. On the 111 the controls are on large recessed knobs on each side of the radio.

These are hefty sets, weighing in at 7.6kg plus batteries, despite the use of aluminium.

Inside, the set has a steel chassis, and in a/c d/c models a transformer.

Radio electronics.

Just as there were variations to the aluminium panels, there were the typical variations to the circuit design as valve supply improved.

For example, the full wave rectifier might be either of a 6V4 or EZ82. Generally, though the remainder of the valves in 148 series were 2 1T4, 1R5 and a 1S5.
The 111 had 5 valves and substituted a 1Q5GT for the 6V4/EZ82.

My examples

Both of my examples of the 148 are in fairly poor condition with minor dents in the aluminium panels, poor fitting back panels, chipped paint, and deep scratches to the Bakelite side panels. They haven’t been powered up, but neither is an a/c model.

Both are awaiting restoration. As production spanned ten years, the radios are fairly common. There is gold finished version that is relativly rare as well.

Above is an American RCA 66BX sold in 2014.

Left is temporary image of a 148. My two are in much better condition!


Last updated 4 June 2021