Philips - 138 - Mistral Four

This was one of Philips better designs from the early 1950s.

Radio Museum lists the Mistral Four 138 as being released in 1953 when it cost the quite expensive price of 20 GNS. It was available in Black, Blue, Burgundy, Fawn, Green, Ivory, Red, Walnut & White.

So far I have seen the Ivory and Green colours.

This example, that came from the $150 haul, was literally a five minute job to get working. It has been re-caped, cleaned and is in a friends kitchen working happily.

The dial is a NSW/Qld scale one. It requires re-alianment and a new Masonite base/back, although all the pieces were inside.

It sounds pretty good too…

138 Front

The radio is quite clean, although the clear speaker and dial plastic have yellowed. They will need retro-brighting.

138 Profile

The cabinet cleaned up really well.

138 Top

The knobs are mismatched. One is the bright brass, the other a dull brown. The spindle mount is missing part of the plasic on one of the knobs and was held with Blue-tac.

138 Back

The top of the chassis also cleaned up well with little effort.

138 Underside

It was re-capped and a new power cord fitted before my friend “borrowed” for their kitchen.

Last updated. 10 April 2021