National Panasonic - T-100

The T-100D is the forerunner of the R-100 radio the family bought on the ship from England in late 1967 on the way to Melbourne. The outer cabinet,  handle, and signal/battery meter were carried over to the up-dated model. However, that’s where it ends. The dial is slightly different (the 4 bands are stacked in the opposite order), the tuning knobs are higher and the controls are mounted vertically on the right hand side, and the speaker grill is different. Inside the electronics are different, but the speakers are the same.

I picked this radio up at the HRSA meeting in March 2021 for $20, and with a small amount of work, mostly cleaning the controls, the radio works.

It will need re-capping, de-rusting around the battery compartment, and a thorough clean.  It hasn’t been touched inside since it was made in late 1963, that is some 58 years.

This one is a keeper and is going into my collection.

National T-100D

The radio as bought for $20.

National T-100D
National T-100D Battery Open

Open battery compartment showing corrosion.

National T-100D Battery Compartment

Close-up of the battery compartment.

National T-100D Dial Stringing

Dial cord stringing. I didn’t know that “stringing” was a word!

National T-100D Plate
National World Time Table
National T-100D Inside

With the back off. It’s a big job to disassemble the radio, but the small circuit board is easier to re-cap that the new R100.