Kriesler - 11-81

Panorama - c. 1959 - 1965

A Gay companion for every waking hour…

The Kriesler “Panorama” is a five mini valve radio with PU (Pick-up) input. This example was bought with two HMV Little Nipper’s for $100 on Gumtree. It looks orginal, with the previous owner having purchaed it with the intention of a restoration. All the valve are original Phillips “Miniwatt”, except the 6BD7 and the 6AQ7 which are Mullards. The top of the chassis and inside cabinet has the tell tale signs of being in the kitchen with steam and fat drip marks. Nonetheless, the chassis is not rusty at all.

The radio has a large 6 x 9″ speaker that occupies the full hight and over half the width of the cabinet. Half of the front panel is occupied by the dial and controls, so I’m not sure the sound will be great as the actual speaker only has a small space to let sound escape.
Advertising proclamed it was “Built especially for the music lover”.
They certainly woudn’t get away with copy like that these days!


Electrically it is a fairly standard layout for the late 1950s. What is interesting is that the transformer armature is slightly canted to fit the case!

The radio is on the list to be repaired.

11-81 Front
11-81 Inside

Last updated: 11 June 2021.