Kriesler 11-7

These radio’s were made from around 1947 – 1952.

I now have four of these radio’s in various states of decay. All bought as part of other hauls. None is what you would call pristine condition.

All have had rodents enter them. The you would think that with the way they were advertised, “sealed set”, they would be imperpervious, but no.

The problem stems from the decorative grill above the tuning dial. The tourtose shell plastic shrinks away from the bakelite main cabinet. The grill falls away, and Bob’s your Uncle, in go the rodents.

All four chasis have been affected in some way, although none have rusted through. The desision is choosing various mix and match parts to build a complete one or two radio’s.

The cabinets are good on two of the radio’s. However, only one of these has a complete Kriesler badge. The other good badge is on a cabinet that is too far gone.

I am hoping that I can get replacement reproduction grills.

One problem I am facing is that there were so many revisions to the chasis over the production run, some 12 or so. Unfortunatly none of the radio’s can be identified other than through the valve line-up and the dial glass. Maybe some form of hybrid is reqired.

Sometimes I wonder whether such sets are worth the effort if not for the fact that I effectivly paid nothing for them.

Last updated 30 May 2021.