Kriesler - 11-29


This radio was picked as part of the Tyab haul in January 2021. The radio itself was filthy, but in reasonable condition except for a long crack on the left side of the cabinet. Cracks seem common in the cream coloured cases. Heat from a nearby valve perhaps?

The crack is repairable, but will be quite difficult as it doesn’t start/finish on an edge. This means it can’t be separated, cleaned and glued.

Not yet powered up or tested, the radio may have other irreparable faults.

Generally, this was Krieslers’ entry level set, and is therefore reasonably common. It’s a four valve reflex style circuit.

In the flesh this is a bit of an ugly duckling. The 11-20 of the same era with a slighly different case and four controls looks much better.


Temporary image – not the original knobs?