Hotpoint G64ME


This radio was part of a haul of 12 radios in various conditions I picked up for $150. The seller was moving to his own premises, and only wanted to move the restored sets. These were for the tip!

Hotpoint was a brand of General Electric Corporation, GEC, in England, which was apparently completely separate to the North American operation. (My father worked for GEC in the late 1950s to early 1960s designing television receivers.) In England they made radio’s, television’s, washing machines, refrigerators, small fan heaters, and other household electrical goods. In Australia the Hotpoint name was licensed by AWA who only made radio’s and gramophones under the Australian General Electric (AGE) and Hotpoint brands.

There are AWA variant’s using the same chassis (500M and 506M). The factory was in Sydney.

This radio is is reasonable condition, and judging by the repair docket, was sold in St. Kilda in the mid to late 1940s. (Listed on Radio Museum as 1946.) It’s quite an old design using Octal valves at a time when the mini valves where being introduced. It also has an electromagnet speaker. However, just after the Second World War they used anything they could get their hands on in reasonable quantity.

Initial assessment and clean. The transformer seems OK, as does the speaker. The case isn’t cracked, and the dial glass is in good condition. However, the dial pointer is missing.

Restoration pending…

February 2021 Haul

The $150 haul on the kitchen floor. Two of the Philips radio’s have their chassis removed for restoration.

HotPoint inside

After pulling the chassis revealing all the accumulated dirt and dust.

HotPoint Cabinet Inside

Inside the cabinet after an initial clean.

HotPoint Cabinet

Outer cabinet after initial clean.

Hotpoint Chassis Front

Front of chassis the glass is in good condition. However, the speaker cloth should be a dark red and obviously needs to be replaced.

HotPoint Chassis Top

Top view of the chassis complete with the plug! Note the corrugated cardboad that supports the speker cloth.

HotPoint Chassis Under

The underside isn’t too bad once the capacitors are replaced. The wiring is OK (The 240 volt wiring will be replaced as a matter of coarse.)

You can also see the corrugated cardboard speaker cloth support.

HotPoint Repair Docket

Repair docket from the 1950s.

Woods Radio Pty. Ltd.
47 Fitzroy Street
St. Kilda.
Telephone: LA 2658

The shop is now a health food restaraut.


Chassis without speaker grill

Chassis with the speaker mount cardboard removed. Somehow the speaker was literally stuffed with dust and fluff which is odd given the speaker is sealed by the front cloth. Whilst the cone is ok, there is spliting around the bottom where the dust has been damp and pressure has built up.

Chassis without speaker grill
Chassis without speaker grill

Two views of the speaker replacement speaker cloth on the cardboard.

Chassis without speaker grill

Front views of the fully restored radio. The dial pointer will need to be 3D printed at some stage. (I have the knobs.) Glue is still wet.

Completed 2