Healing "Golden Voice" T401E

The Healing T401E was a fairly basic radio in a lineup that didn’t shine.

Healing was started by Alfred George Healing in 1907 building bicycles. He began importing Atwater Kent recievers from the early 1920s. A decade later the impost of huge import duties meant that Healing were forced to make the desision to build their own radio’s.

Healing was content to sit in the middle of the market, never building the “best” quality equipment, but far from the worst.

This radio, made from 1948, reflects this philisophy. It is designed for use in high signal areas. There is no Automatic Gain Control (AGC), so the volume control gets a work out as weaker, then stronger stations are tuned in.

Neither does it have a tone control, or an on/off switch, but it gets worse. While provision was made for a back, these radio’s never had one fitted. The screw mount were never drilled. It is obviously as small as they could make it, although there are plenty of other sets of the time that are smaller. This makes heat an issue, which perhaps explains the absence of a back.

This example has had the transformer replaced at some stage. The original sat below the chasis. It also sounds particularly distorted despite the capacitors being replaced, and a couple of resistors also being replaced. Perhaps the 6V6 GT valve needs replacment, although it works OK in other sets and tested OK.

Overall, not a bad performer for a four valve set, but there were far better designs at the time. It does have a nice cabinet though.

The company was absorbed into the giant Rank Organisation in 1959 4 years after televison production comenced. While the Healing brand appears from time to time on junk electronics, the Healing company died in 1975, again a victim of the removal of taraffs.

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