Healing Trio 401H


This is a radio bought at the HRSA Auction in 2021.

It is quite rare, maybe because it seems to have only been produced for a short period, and because the case seems relativly fragile. If dropped I’m certain the plastic would smash irrepairably. The cases were available in three colours Tan, Ivory, and Red.

This example is in excellent shape cosmetically.

I haven’t checked it electrically as it didn’t come with a power cord, but it also runs on batteries.

If you come across one of these, or the more common 500H from a few years later, or indeed any Healing dual power portable, be warned. They are wired like an “All American” 4 or 5. They don’t have a transformer, but are fitted with a metal recitifier across the HT mains. This makes the chasiss live at 240 volts if the mains cord is reversed.

Image to follow.

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