Back in January when we decided to start our company there were three of us – hence the name Triyo.

When the first clients came along Stella and myself found we were doing most of the work. That was fine as the other person was also studying and had a much higher work load. 

Come the end of the semester when all uni work was over and two of us were looking at graduating, still no work was forthcoming, and Stella in I had to hire an outside person to do the work. 

Suffice to say, despite all her protestations that she would deliver, deadlines were missed, she didn’t turn up for meetings or video calls, and the same work was submitted despite the client not liking the style. 

Suffice to say she is no-longer a part of Triyo.

Building trust

Clearly that is not the way to build trust. 

If she had wanted to she could easliy have found ways to do the work, it really wasn’t that onerous. She said she had wanted to put the finished work in her folio, sure but do what the client wants and needs. If she had decided that she no-longer wanted to be a part of Triyo, say so. Don’t just go off on holiday.

I recently went to a Meetup that discussed trust.

Building trust is about honesty, communication, and doing the things you will say you will do.

Sure there might be times when you cannot fullfill some of these things. No one minds if you are a little late in because the trains were delayed (assuming you catch the train and not ride a bike).

Be honest about the mistake you made or your ability to complete a task on time. Don’t make excusesses that you could sail a ship through.

Try to set realistic timetables and long term goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure because you loose the trust of clients and you collegues.

These are the things that build trust and respect.