AWA Radiola Stereophonic

This is another what is known in Australia as a “boat anchor”, that is a “portable” radiogram. The unit weighs something like 15kg. I beleive this dates from the late 1950s to early 1960s, although it is probably the later period being stereo.

It was obtained from the Knox tip shop and was sitting forlonly in a trolly in a dark corner. I’m not sure the staff knew quite how to categorise it.

The cabinet is in reasonable condition. The radio sort of works, and the turntable is in fair condition. The last record being a childrens 7″ from the mid 1970s. Suffice to say that the stylus has been sheared off.

I haven’t been able to track down any details, nor have I tested the electronics other that the quick power up on the dim-bulb.

I’m not sure how the stereo amplipher works, but one speaker is a standard in the front of the case unit (5×7″ Rola by the looks of things) and the other speaker is in the lid of the turntable.

This will be a long term project for when I’m less busy.

Pictures to come.

Update. I have just come acoss the Kriesler “Stereo Triple Twin – 11-86”. This looks very similar to the AWA, but has different details. Either this was a common design, a single company made the basic cases, or the companies imported them from the same manufacter. They both appear to have the same turntable, dial and knobs!


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Last updated 4 June 2021