AWA Radiola 5 563MA

Clock Radio - c. 1954

Radio manufacture was at a stage in the early 1950s for change. Post war supplies of the large Octal valves were running out in favour of the much smaller mini-valves that lasted until the end of production in the early 1970s. Large Bakelite cabinets were disapearing in favour of smaller plastic.

These inovations were able to experiment. Both Philips and AWA came out with clock radios. We think of clock radios as being the small bedside table type with terrible sound and a digital clock. We also remember them as having originated in the 1070s with flip-style digits. However, this radio dates for over 20 years before.

It was available in the multiple cour combinations of: Brown, Burgundy, Ivory & Grey. Later versions also came in Green, Red, Blue & Black. There were contrasting or complimentary face combinations, meaning the “housewife” could have just about any colour to match the colours in her kitchen.

Whats more the radios were also available with Hotpoint branding, as were all of the radios with this basic outer case and chasiss. This had a slightly different face, but was available in the same colours through a different dealer network. Much as Holden sold Corollas as Holden Nova’s and Toyota sold Holden Commodore’s as Toyota Lexen’s in the 1990s.

The version I obtained for the Adelaide sale in May 2021 is An Ivory AWA. I’m uncertain that the knobs on the clock are original, from the Hotpoint version, or from a later model. I haven’t plugged this radio in yet, although all the radios so far tested from Adelaide work.

Pictures to follow.

Image: The Australian Womans Weekly – 17 March 1954.

Last update: 5 June 2021