AWA Radiola 495 MA-Z Primrose

C. 1958

AWA produced many variations of this cabinet for over a decade using the outer shell and the chassis as a template. They were seen in many kitchens of friends when I was growing up.

This example is a very nice shade of yellow, but it was clear that it had faded dramatically when I opened it up. There is heat damage from a valve in the rear top corner also. Otherwise it was very good. It was obtained for $25 at the Adelaide sale in May 2021.

Colours available at the time were: French Blue, Coral Pink, Primrose and Satin Black. The original price was A23.10.00 pounds. I’m not sure if white was the only face plate colour.

The radio received the usual re-cap, alignment, and cord, and is now in service in a friends kitchen.

Photos to follow.


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