This site was languishing for a number of years whilst I worked out that to do with it. Having finished a Master of Design, we had started a new company. That didn’t go to well as we had no sooner had it up and running than COVID-19 struck.

This is the fourth lockdown we are in, and there is no guarantee that we won’t have another. So I have taken the opportunity during the lockdowns this year to start a new business that doesn’t rely on others. It is of course restoring and fixing valve radio’s and other audio equipment.

I have basically been doing this all my life in one form or another. Fixing reel to reel tape recorders, the odd amplifier, tuner, and plenty of transistor radios. Valve radios have been a small part of the mix because of their size. However, they are quite straight forward and have very similar circuits.

I was also intending to move to Ballarat as Melbourne has become to crowded, I have no reason to go to the city, and I don’t need to go to major shopping centres. But there are at least 50 people inspecting each property. Some are looking for the same reasons I am, they can have Zoom meetings and work from home. Some are moving because of the ridiculous house prices in Australian cities. I, meanwhile, am just about ready to retire and am looking for a quieter life.

I believe many of those people will get a shock when things return to normal, they have to return to the office on a regular basis, and they realise that it takes 2 hours of commuting each way. (The actual train ride takes about 90 minutes.)

My one requirement is that there a garage large enough and secure enough to run the repair business. There also needs to be room for the car as it is often very frosty, and sometimes gets cold enough to snow.

So while we are locked down and I can’t access the workshop, I am adding pages for radios and other bits and pieces picked up this year. Some of them I will keep for my collection, while others I will sell. There will also be some of the more interesting repairs.

The work on the website is basic, and photographs will be added when I can get back to the workshop and have the time to catchup with work.