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Issue 9 April 2015

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This issue features two graduates from the RMIT University and a commercial environmental photographer. Jacinta Lewis spent her school days carrying around two large visual diaries which were used at every opportunity. Recently she graduated from with an award for her folio of architecture photography. Pippa Samaya grew up between the isolated town of Albany in South West Western Australia and traveling to some of the more isolated parts of the world. A stint in Perth ensued before moving to Melbourne. Here we feature a combination of Pippa's travel photography and the world she is passionate about - dance. Marcus Thomson tried careers as a mechanic and viticulturist before an interest in photography took hold whilst working in Queensland. A part-time course led to a full time course at RMIT TAFE, then a number of years as an assistant. Today he produces hard edged environmental portraits. We also look at some thing to be aware of when buying a lens. Our camera is the Ricoh SLR series.

Issue 8 February 2015

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This issue features two graduates from the Photography Studies College and a visual artist working in photography and video. Cyndi Briggs has always had an interest in the arts. Cyndi won her first photographic award in Grade 3, the prize was a Polaroid camera. After designing and making wedding dresses for over a decade she returned to study at PSC. Emma Rose graduated from Journalism and Film Studies in Western Australia before moving to Melbourne. We feature some of her graduate images from PSC that reflect the human condition in the desolate Doclands area of Melbourne. Shae Rooke started her artistic career studying ceramics at R.M.I.T. By the time she started her Masters of Fine Art, she was concentrating on photography citing the immediacy of the medium. She is now an established artist working in both photography and video. We also look at the importance of photography during the First World War, and buying printers and used camera bodies. Our camera is the Mamyia 'C' medium format twin-lens series.

Issue 7 - 2014

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This issue features three diverse photographers from equally diverse backgrounds. Sarah Anderson is an architectural photographer. She became interested in photography at an early age, graduated from R.M.I.T. just as the digital revolution in photography started to take off, and now runs a successful commercial practice. Marian Drew is a Queensland based artist who works in the photographic medium. Her work has been widely exhibited here in Australia, as well as North America and Europe. Jessica Tremp took up photography as a hobby and her work has been exhibited at the Ballarat Foto Biennale. More recently she has moved to the commercial sphere covering weddings. Our Tech pages look at the basics of image editing using curves. We also take a look at Sensors. Our camera is the Minolta SRT series.

Issue 6 - May 2014

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Our three photogrpahers are all street photographers, but quite different in their methods and outcomes. Dr Catherine Bell's images are both her own - we feature the New York nannies series taken as part of the work she did in New York during anĀ Australia Council for the Arts, Visual Arts Board Greene Street Residency (2010). Also included is some of the work she did with "found" images from her childhood. Oli Sansom has recently been awarded the Emerging Photogrpaher of the Year award for 2014. He too has ben taking photographs in New York, this time with 50 year old expired film and a Yashica twin-lens camera. Finally we feature David Wadelton's images of Melbourne that he begun in the mid 1970s. They have become an important part of inner Melbourne's history. Our Tech pages look at the Photoshop interface, processing raw files, and the Shutter. Our camera is the Pentax M series.

Issue 5 - March 2014

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Although all our featured photographers are graduates of the Photography Studies College, they are at very different stages in their careers. Recent graduate Caterina Fizzano is fast finding a niche in the wedding industry. However, it was her stunning bespoke portraits that caught our attention. Steph Doran is young photographer who gained a well deserved position as Blue Tree Studio's emerging photographer of the year - we were particulularly impressed with her images from a recent trip to Japan. Jo Duck began her photography career with a chance job done after school in her school uniform. Today, she divides her time between Melbourne, where she is still associated with PSC, New York, and London. Elsewere in Issue 5 we conclude this series on Darkroom practice - we are planning a special issue on the subject for later in the year, plus a further technical article on lenses. Our classic camera is the Pentax K series. Finally, there is a look at how the Lumix GF6 could be an ideal classroom camera for stop motion animation.

Issue 4 - February 2014

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Features the work of two emerging photographers. Kimberley Munro and Emma McEvoy. Both are recent graduates from the Photography Studies College in Melbourne Australia, and each has won a swag of presigous awards. Rebecca Ann Hobbs is originally from far north Queenland. She studied photography at the Victorian College of the Arts before studying in California. She has has exhibited widely over the past decade and there is a wicked sense of humour to her work. We also continue our series on darkroom photography, and buying your first SLR. There is a feature article on how camera lenses determine perspective - inluding a useful sereis of images at various focal lengths and apertures. Our camera classic is the Pentax Spotmatic.

Issue 3 - Spring 2013

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Features the work of two emerging photographers. Callum Broom photographs bands, mostly heavy metal, both live in concert and for promotional work. Ayden Amamze currently does event photography at Crown in Melbourne, but here we showcase some of his fashion and stunt images. Morganna Magee is a documentary photographer, who has worked for News Limited, and many major brands. We also continue our series on darkroom photography, and buying your first SLR. Our camera classic is the Nikon FM and FE series.

Issue 2 - Winter 2013

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Alexandrena Parker is one of two featured photographers in this issue. Alexandrena is gaining a strong reputation in the advertising world especially her work with children's fashion brands. James Sablinskis's work is very different, he currently works in product photography, here we feature his light painting series - landscapes lit with powerful torches. Our practical articles continue the series on darkroom photography, and we review the new Canon 700D. The past master for this issue is Carol Jerrems.

Issue 1 - Autumn 2013

Unfortunately we have had to withdraw this issue as we had limited access to some of the feature images. The remaining articles will be available for direct download from other parts of the site.